Despite ‘disruption’ being the latest business buzz word, technological advancements are more about doing things more efficiently and effectively.

Today’s conferences always have to have a presentation on disruptive technologies. And, while some can be absolute rubbish, others do point at possibilities for better audience engagement and greater efficiencies without costing the earth.

Australian company CrowdComms is seeing a growth in companies using its event app to create greater engagement and adding value to meetings generally.

CrowdComms Australia’s Peter Hair gives as an example the growing trend of event organisers using conferences as a platform to raise money for charities as part of their programs, and using CrowdComms technology to do so.

“There are so many good causes needing help at the moment with Syria in the news, and 12 months ago it was ebola. A conference is a great means to get some real funds and make a difference. It can be done on the side and not interrupt the usual conference proceedings and will increase the feel good factor of the event overall,” he says.

“As an example, a recent Australian financial institution did an incentive meeting for its staff and used the CrowdComms event app as a means to publish the event agenda. The interesting thing is they also included a raffle module in the event app and raised over $70,000 dollars for charity.

“This was an impressive fundraising result for charity at traditionally a non-charity event! Guests really enjoyed the thrill of the raffle.”

He cites as a further example another evening dinner event following the main conference in which organisers ran a silent auction and live auction as part of the entertainment.

“With the CEO as the auctioneer they raised over $50,000. Not a bad result!  Guests loved it and they even auctioned off some of the CEO’s clothes for fun!

“Everyone wins. Delegates enjoy the feel good factor of giving and participating; some guests enjoy the kudos of giving to impress peers; and meeting organisers feel great for doing their bit for charity.

“Companies become aligned with charities and can get good PR and charities receive the wonderful financial benefits.

“I hope we see this more and more, especially at conferences. Imagine how much money could be raised if just 10 percent of conferences had a fundraising element.”

Hair’s tips and tricks on adding a fundraising element to a conference include:

How much money do you want to raise? Where is it going and what is your budget (if any)?

Do you want your fundraising to have a theme and how will it fit into your event overall?

Will it be a donation, sponsorship campaign, silent auction, live auction or raffle – or a combination of them all?

Who can you rope in to help you with all the work? [hint: GalaBid will take care of the bidding technology, donations, raffle and payment processing for you. m

If you are involved with putting on a conference why not do something similar at your next event and raise some funds for a worthy cause. Contact Peter Hair to learn more by visiting