NAME: Danielle Hatch

BUSINESS NAME: Daydream Island Resort and Living Reef

POSITION: Business development manager – MICE

What are you working on right now in anticipation of a return of events?

Personalising all event quotes to ensure that we are meeting our guests’ needs and concerns in these uncertain times especially around flexibility to change dates if need be.

What’s one lesson you have learnt during the COVID-19 lockdown period?

To be flexible with a change of direction and strategy while things are moving so fast.

What do you value more now than you may have pre-COVID-19?

Our guests’ loyalty.

How do you think events will change in the future?

Focus on smaller more intimate events with a renewed focus on networking.

Why are events important?

It’s a chance for our guests to connect with each other and it s a great opportunity for us to showcase our product.