Yeo3D is creating better results for planners with 3D visualisation, drafting, and set design that gets everything right before the event.

For event planners there can be nothing worse than coming up with a great concept, getting a set built and then discovering that the look, fit, and feel is all wrong. Not to mention the expense.

With decades working in the event sector in Australia and the United Kingdom, Yeo3D principal Jonathan Yeoman takes ideas from concept to completion utilising the latest in 3D drafting and set design to allow planners to get a clear visualisation of their concepts before set builders start construction. What this means is that concepts can be examined in a visual way taking into consideration the space that is being utilised for the event. Once approved the draft design can then be used by the client’s set builder to ensure that what has been seen in draft format will be as close to the finished product as possible.

Depending on the client’s requirements, Yeo3D can work on the project from start to finish: from the initial creation of 3D designs to project management with the set builders and even installation.

“My clients like the fact that I have been working in this business for many years and I have a good relationship with suppliers because it means that I understand what can and can’t be done and where money can be saved,” explains Jonathan.

“A client may have a limited budget but want a fairly high-end look or feel. This can often be achieved by knowing what materials or techniques can be used in place of more expensive options.

“And then to have everything created for the client in a visual format really does give them peace of mind about what they want to achieve.”

Fly-throughs & interactive 3D

Utilising the latest in technology, Yeo3D also offers clients the ability to “fly-through” their event designs so they can see the space, plan logistics, and people flow. Jonathan’s creativity, coupled with his understanding of the events business, offers a compelling solution so it’s no wonder he’s working with a range of corporate clients, event companies, audio-visual, and advertising agencies.

“I began my career working in the theatre and everything just had to fit together in exactly the right place. In establishing Yeo3D I followed the same principle: from the beginning of the design process everything has to fit together perfectly.”