EVENT: 2013 Amway (China) Leadership Seminar
VENUE: W Taipei
TYPE: Incentive travel
CLIENT: Amway (China)
WHEN: March 12 – April 2, 2013
PAX: Approximately 2000
BUDGET: Undisclosed

Event Overview

Amway China chose to host its annual incentive trip in Taiwan for the first time this year, following previous trips to Sydney and Bali. Amway utilised a total of four Starwood hotels in Taipei, including W Taipei, Le Meridien Taipei, Westin Taipei, and Sheraton Grand Taipei. Amway organised a variety of activities within the period; in W Taipei, there was a welcome reception and dinner on the first night and a gala dinner on the second. The latter saw celebrities brought in for entertainment. During the day, the groups had the opportunity to visit other areas such as Kaohsiung for leisure activities. Taiwan was chosen as the incentive travel destination due to the opening of relations between the two countries, where there were previously limited opportunities to enter Taiwan.


W Taipei saw close to 2000 Amway guests during the period, which came in five waves of 330-385 guests each. The hotel was tasked with the logistical handling of all luggage and to ensure guests were on schedule. W Taipei worked closely with the event organiser, Taiwan-based Apple Tour, to manage logistical preparations, menu selection and dietary requirement, and the lead-up to guests’ arrival to ensure the experience was efficient and special.

The W Taipei team allocated its Mega room as the dedicated breakfast venue for the Amway delegation, where meals started at 5:30 in the morning. There was a separate room available for Amway executives to handle gifts, while a dedicated check-in and check-out counter for Amway was made available on the events wing of the hotel.

Challenges and Triumphs

One of the main challenges W Taipei faced during the Amway event was to ensure rooms were ready within a four to five-hour turnaround, according to Ashley Hansen, executive assistant manager of sales and marketing.
“We had to turn 200 rooms over a short period of time and that needed to be managed.”
The handling of luggage was particularly challenging as they arrived separately from the guests, but had to be properly labelled and placed in the respective rooms before the guests arrived. Prior to transfers, they also had to be approved by Amway.

Event Outcome

Amway China was looking for a good experience. One of the things W Taipei was able to provide was a celebrity experience due to a movie the hotel was a part of back in 2011.
Produced by director Doze Nui Chen-zer and starring screen bigwigs such as Shu Qi, Vicky Zhao, Ethan Ruan, Eddie Peng, Mark Chao, Amber Kao, and Ivy Chen, the movie set in both Taipei and Beijing was a story about the various victories and sacrifices in the ultimate search for love. With several scenes in the movie shot in the hotel, W Taipei’s reputation soared further.

When Amway was at W, there was a property-wide competition where the delegation was encouraged to take photos of themselves against the backdrop of various locations where certain scenes of the movie were filmed.
The hotel received good feedback from the organisers, as well as good appraisals from the Amway delegation that put up with the hotel during the period.