This was one of the questions asked during Arinex’s COVID-19 Uncovered – for the events industry webinar, which took place earlier this month.

According to head of event services at Arinex Marcel Van Egdom – who joined the webinar as a panellist – the answer is a resounding yes.

While Marcel did concede that in-person events provide a unique type of value to sponsors, online conferences, he argued, provide an additional set of opportunities.

“Digital events often have the potential to attract more attendees, because there is no requirement for them to travel or book accommodation,” he said.

“We can also provide exposure to sponsors and exhibitors beyond the actual date of the conference by making the content available online afterwards.”

Marcel also said that he has witnessed increased interaction between delegates and sponsors when events have gone online.

“Many people are less comfortable asking questions in person than they are from behind their laptop,” he said.

“These conversations can also be stored for future reference.”