Independent research conducted by micenet AUSTRALIA has found that readers love to find out what their counterparts have been up to. To that end we introduce our Best Events feature that will become a regular in the future.

By Brad Foster

You want inspiration. You want to read and see what your counterparts have been up to around the country and indeed internationally. You want the nitty gritty of an event program, and you want it in an easy-to-read format.

Whether you’re seeking a little inspiration yourself for your own events, or want to know how a venue has performed under pressure, then you’ve come to the right place.
Throughout the year micenet AUSTRALIA will feature some of the best events that we’ve come across in a special feature format that we hope will go a long way in demonstrating the sophistication of those working in the business events sector here and internationally.

What we also hope is that it will inspire others to put their best events forward for other readers to pore over; helping to spread the good oil about the pleasures and pitfalls of meetings, incentives and event management.

This first batch has been provided by a range of operators, with each having their own challenges. You will notice at the end of each we have added our own two cent’s worth and say why we like it. If you have an event that you think deserves a mention in our pages then contact our sales team.