All inclusive but not intrusive – that’s Club Med. Bev Malzard recently embraced the French holiday institution in Bali.

I admit, I was a little nervous. I had visited only two Club Med’s in the distant past and had memories of being jollied along at every hour of the day, lining up for food at lacklustre buffets and feeling like I was babysitting someone else’s kids.
So, with a brave heart and open mind I went along to Club Med Bali for a special Club Med groups and incentives event program. And from the beginning to the end of this excursion I was impressed and inspired.

Club Med Bali is a short distance from the airport in the gated community of Nusa Dua. From the beginning of the experience, groups can feel comfortable and safe.
Our group of about 50 was broken up and we were given a short site inspection and then encouraged to enjoy our spacious rooms to freshen up for the first night’s event, an Indonesian buffet dinner at Agung main restaurant. This is where my past experience of Club Med catering was turned on its head. I would recommend the food here to anyone. Beautiful fresh food, innovative, every nationality except Alaskan on the menu! Seriously, it is damn good food, and as most of us agreed, we enjoyed the buffet for its selection, service and menu.
Team-building on the beach covered the corporate exercise. I stood down from participating (not a good team player) and watched as the group was divided into three. I was crying laughing at the teams’ efforts. A Balinese family relaxing under a nearby tree were rolling around laughing as well. The various games were taxing, giddy-making and totally engrossing and with a small margin, the Aussies just scraped past the Singaporeans to win. The afternoon on the beach was a small example of what Club Med can offer groups for fun, fair play and corporate togetherness.

After the beach follies an afternoon tea worthy of London’s Savoy was served on the lawn – so very chic. That night we enjoyed a cocktail party in the large round Solarium (where all the party action is), and after dinner we were hosted for a Balinese cultural and fire show on the beach – both events fabulous and performed with slick panache.
Daytime activities for guests to check out for their clients included: yoga on the beach; rafting; a visit to Tanah Lot for authentic local culture and a spot of shopping afterwards at Kuta.
For the water babies, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling and a breakaway group of paddlers filled in the afternoon. For the daredevils – and there were a few – the Flying Trapeze was on offer. But for me and a few other less-than-intrepid Club Medders, we opted for a treatment at Club Med Spa where we were immersed in a total sensory experience and afterwards relaxed at the ‘quiet pool’ (no children or noisy folk here).

On the last night of the three day excursion we dressed in white, enjoyed more cocktails and viewed the spectacular G.O. Show ‘Circus’, and once again my old prejudices were shot down as I watched, in awe, amazing performances by the G.O’s – Gracious Organisers. Oh, what a night, and the group of planners, buyers and event specialists danced the night away, having joined the universal great spirit of Club Med. m

They said:

“Since the May group famil, there have been seven groups from a variety of industries such as radio/media, medical, cosmetics, social and coaching seminars, held here at Club Med.”

Brendon King groups & incentives manager, Club Med Australia & New Zealand.

“Club Med’s all-inclusive stress free package with no hidden costs is perfect for conference managers. It makes the conference easy to run and easy to control costs. And Club Med is perfect for the ‘Rent an Island’ market!

Marie Edwards business manager, Corporate Traveller, Brisbane Qld.