Two membership categories launched this October aim to retain talent in the MICE industry and provide professional recognition for future careers.

Mei Sin Yeow
Director, marketing communications

MICE talent should have a way to continue being part of the MICE network. In Singapore, the opposite is often true: people who leave their jobs, retire or switch to a different industry, are often wiped off the radar.This is the root cause of talent attrition. When people have no way to remain within the industry and no role to play, they disappear. We lose valuable human resources.

But because MICE is such a diverse industry, there is every reason that people who have been part of the industry should want to continue to belong to it and have a role to play. I know that for a fact. SACEOS, as the MICE association for Singapore, is best placed to create MICE communities, which will rope in the talent and keep them within the network.

SACEOS membership is an obvious way. Since October 2013, we have formalised two new membership categories: (i) individual category – for MICE professionals, and (ii) student category – for students of tertiary level institutions pursuing related courses
of study. When we formalised the individual member category, we had in mind employees in MICE companies. We want MICE professionals to have the choice of being SACEOS members independent of their employers, so that they can continue to be part of the MICE community regardless of their employment status.

This works both ways: employees of organisations which are SACEOS members now have the choice of being individual members. Employees of organisations which are not members, have the same choice. That choice accords professionals more flexibility which we hope will encourage more of them to become individual members of SACEOS to stay within the MICE network. The student membership category will provide us with a more consolidated channel to reach aspiring MICE talent and continue to track and cultivate them for careers in MICE. SACEOS is already working with educational institutions on various talent initiatives – from training and mentorship to apprenticeship. Student membership will provide aspirants with their industry badge of professional recognition and put them in contact with prospective employers in the MICE industry.

All of these optimise innate human behaviour – the tendency to form communities in order to belong. SACEOS is the MICE community’s club. Membership fosters the sense of belonging, which fosters fellowship and collaboration. The more talent we rope in, the more effective the community.

Start your journey to the MICE community by contacting SACEOS at, or telephone: 63705300 or connect with us at and LinkedIn Group: SACEOS: Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions.