The president of the Singapore Association of Convention and Exhibition Organisers and Suppliers (SACEOS) says a successful Singapore MICE Forum is just the beginning of working towards a sustainable pipeline of talent.



A record 190 forum delegates, 260 gala dinner guests and 550 students attended the inaugural Open House – the numbers alone are record-breakers, but nothing beats the resounding support that has made this year’s Singapore MICE Forum (SMF) a major success.

This is the irreplaceable ingredient of human capital. As the heady world of digital communication connects communities in new ways and changes the way we do business, one endearing quality remains – the relationships and camaraderie from years of teamwork.
To me, this is the social engine of growth behind the MICE industry.
Those of us who have stayed in the industry for decades can profess to this. The best legacy we can leave is that of investing in human capital as the power of business growth.

This is why SACEOS emphasises talent development, sourcing for and nurturing young people to be excited about the MICE industry and inculcating in them the service culture and passion to excel. Only when we invest time and energy to do this, will we be able to see the next line of MICE leaders emerge and stay to carve careers.
This year’s SMF opened the doors for the first time to students from Singapore’s tertiary-level institutions. They came to learn about the MICE business and career prospects. They interacted with MICE professionals to probe about training, jobs and mentorships.

A fantastic start. But we are not going to stop here. In the coming months, we are going to do so much more to penetrate the education sector and kick start a series of collaborative training programmes.
Our goal is to ensure a sustainable pipeline of talent development programmes, to groom aspiring MICE professionals. We welcome any help we can receive in this respect.

As the SMF enters its fourth year, SACEOS is happy that the event is well-recognised as an important working platform for the MICE industry.
Testament to this is the quality of discussions and working sessions that energised the two-day forum. In terms of attendance, content and activities, we have broken barriers. We intend to keep taking bold steps to drive positive change. Already the ground work is laid for more regional collaboration to tackle the talent issue.
SACEOS will always be grateful for the collective effort and shared vision of those who endure with driving positive change. Thank you again from all of us at SACEOS.