July 19, 2021 | By Joyce DiMascio

Coleman Group creates large-format signage for some of the biggest expos and events in the country and it has used the COVID slowdown to create positive change in the company’s operations.

Managing Director Rod Peter said a positive side of Sydney’s lockdown is that the company is taking the opportunity to invest more in its sustainability practices.

Peter told micenet that the company is about to install 300 solar roof panels at its premises in Strathfield, Sydney and this will generate around 50 percent of the company’s energy needs.

Managing Director of Coleman Group, Rod Peter

Information about the impact of its sunlight capture will appear in real-time on its corporate website. Peter is very proud that of this new initiative.

Coleman Group’s latest sustainability initiatives build on a range of innovations that have been progressively brought to the market over recent years.

“Our sustainability commitment has been in place for around three years and we keep building on this. Determined to fulfil our sustainability commitment, we continuously try to be innovative and ensure that we don’t place an additional burden on our environment,” Peter said.

A key part of its work is currently focussed on educating staff so they understand what is expected and why.

“We believe that sustainability starts and ends with people. So, we have put in place training programs for our employees, conveying the importance of sustainable work habits and educating about good recycling practices.”

Apart from its investment in solar energy and educating staff, Coleman Group uses 100% recycled fabric in its signage products. Following clients’ events, the waste signage is collected and sent to recycling for repurposing into bricks.

Peter says many of its bigger clients now have sustainability managers who screen their proposals so investment in building sustainability practices into the business has boosted the company’s reputation.

Coleman Group recently produced all the signage for Australian Tourism Exchange including 465 cardboard vendor desks made in Lithgow in the NSW central west.

“After the event, cardboard and signage was sorted, collected and prepared for recycling.”

Peter says even his clients in the US are looking for answers as to how they can deliver more responsible and sustainable signage – and Australia has this capability.

He says ultimately their commitment is about the sustainability of the world and the sustainability of the company.

“Coleman Group’s sustainability commitment aims to progress our business from that of a linear economy into a circular economy. We have devoted ourselves to reuse, repurpose and recycle all materials possible and have implemented practises that align with our values.”